Amazon Echo Escape

Amazon Echo Escape

Role: Art Director - Responsible for the art direction of the campaign as well as executing event assets

At the 2017 New York Comic-Con, AKQA Portland collaborated with Unit9 to create the first voice-triggered escape room experience for the Amazon Echo. My role on this project was purely on the art direction and execution of the production. 


Initial inspiration for the first room in the experience. This is where the participants get their flash briefing.

We targeted 3 of the top gamers on Twitch.TV and created custom press kits for each of them. The kits involved some riddles to solve.

The kits were sent out to all the Twitch gamers and they all did their own unboxing video

We made a Golden trophy out of an Echo which was then won by CaptainSparklez. Everyone who successfully escaped the experience got a custom golden Echo Escape pin.