Tonight I take the night train or as other backpackers like to call it "The Sleeper Train." I arrived at the station and it was super hot inside. There weren't much seating inside, all the seats were mostly reserved for monks and the rest was occupied by locals. In the enter there as just an huge empty area so that's where the rest of the locals and the backpackers sat. There was a convenient store so I bought some snacks, there was also a place that sold hot food but it was kinda of a rip off so I avoided that. 

Once I got onto the train carts it was actually pretty cool. There was AC blasting throughout the train and overall the seats looked pretty clean. You sit for the first hour or so and then the train employees come around and transform your seats into a bed. By that time it was about 10 pm or so so most people just went to sleep. It was still a little early for me so I just laid in my bed and listened to music. Every couple of hours the train would stop and eventually the sun came up and you'd get some pretty scenic views.