In 2019 Palms Casino Resort opened KAOS, the biggest dayclub / nightclub in North America. AKQA was assigned to create the branding for the massive venue. The club itself was Palms’ most ambitious project, from a 3-story high Damien Hirst statue, to 7 Tesla Coils, flying wedges dropping from the ceiling, to 120,000,000 pixels across 10 circular LED screens. With the capacity of 8,000 people the club expects to host 120,000 people per week. With a club this massive, we aimed to create a branding that was just as ambitious.

Inspired by the name, we applied Chaos Theory to the branding. Although the outcomes of chaos are infinite, complex and unpredictable, we embraced it and used it as a system to generate one-of-a-kind logos.

Our ambitions was to take the sounds of the club, from patrons to music, and visualize it. The visualized graphic mark would then become the ‘O’ within KAOS.

We went through rounds internally to find a typeface that could complement the orb inside KAOS.

Once we were satisfied with the type we collaborated with Edan Kwan to make the orb come to live through code.

Once Edan finalized the orb, we took his Houdini file and transformed it into javascript to built a WebGL tool. Which then turned into the logo generator that allowed people to make their own with their voice.

We created an admin version of the logo generator and delivered it to the Palms design team. This version allowed their designers to manipulate the color story and import audio files so they can sample resident artists’ music.

We added an extra functionality to the logo generator to export video. It allowed us to import artist voice or their music and export the orb in motion.

Myself along with our Senior Motion Designer, Dan, created a few motion tests using found footage of Kendrick Lamar.

Once we got the finalized list of Residence Artists I created a Cardi B example.

We did not know if we were always going to get artist footage so we did some test with just typography and a moving orb.

Once Palms released the announcement of KAOS, I created a teaser promo which was then used throughout social media.

We then handed our Cardi B example to Ridge Productions and they used it as a template for the full residency.


PALMS (Station Casinos)

KAOS Brand Design



Creative DIrector
Aaron Seymour-Anderson

Associate Design Director
Carlos Bernal

Art Director
Ian Liu

Lead Designer
Pedro Sanguiné

Terry Lee

Senior Motion Designer
Dan Ortiz

Associate Creative Director (Copy)
Reef Younis


Strategy Director
Alec Black


Senior Account Director
Daniel Jones

Project Manager
Tyler Hilton


Chief Solutions Scientist
An Doan


Creative Coder
Edan Kwan

Art Director
Matt Crist (Station Casinos)

Video Production
Ridge Productions

KAOS Tunnel

KAOS Tunnel

Nike React

Nike React